Beyond the Urban Farm

Our Mission

Meeting the food and energy needs of our urban communities through a vertically integrated business ecology.

Renew properties, grow healthy local food, sell and process the food, and generate energy

Our Vision

To reach over five million new customers in 5 years with over 15 locations in 7 major cities of the United States through our 

vertically integrated business centers. Building Sustainable Urban Communities.

Sustainable Urban Food Centers

EcologiCiti is a scalable, vertically integrated sustainable urban food center business aggregator concept. We will Grow, Renew, Sell, Process and Generate Energy in our centers. Our goal is to provide fresh produce to over 5 million new customer in 15 locations throughout 7 major US cities to the multi-billion dollar fresh food industry:

  • Renewing and revitalization underutilized properties in urban locales – Real estate development.
  • Growing, packaging, processing and distributing produce/vegetables using clean, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technologies – Efficient food production technologies.
  • Processing our produce in our centers to extend the life cycle and range of what we grow.
  • “Grow Local - Buy LocalWholesale and Retail Direct Sales
  • In-house incubator kitchens located on our sites will be rented out to entrepreneurial food service vendors.
  • On-site Energy Generation (OSG), a renewable energy source, will reduce our energy expenses.
  • Creating job opportunities in urban areas – Community outreach and commitment.

Vertically integrated centers will be built in close proximity to dense urban population centers.  the centers will be housed in underutilized manufacturing or industrial locations. The concept is repeatable, we are not replacing conventional farming we are supplementing the food chain model. We have a competitive advantage by combining all of the required business components under one single roof. 

Real Estate Development Models

Vertically Integrated Food & Energy Centers

  Onsite Energy Generation (OSG)

Urban Food Center Renewing and Revitalizing