Beyond the Urban Farm

Grow, Renew, Sell, Process, Generate Energy

Sustainable Urban Food Centers

The EcologiCiti business is a vertically integrated food center supply concept which controls production, processing, utility

costs, distribution (retail and wholesale) and quality of the produce. Our centers use multiple technology to create the future 

of food security.

  • Indoor vertical growing technologies – CEA, Aeroponic and Hydroponicare proven to have the highest yield per square foot, are clean, predictable, continuous, profitable, and scalable forms of agricultural growing.
  • Innovative hybridization in growing techniques will provide healthy, affordable, locally grown food.
  • "Grow it locallymake it immediately available to the consumers, reducing transportation cost. 
  • Assured growth cycle, sustainability, consumable, climate independent product. 
  • Clean, germ free and fresh, high-quality, locally grown produce available to our communities.
  • Utilize the production of food to create jobs and assist in economic development.

Provide positive environmental impacts to the local community through low cost energy use, efficient water use (EWU), and the minimization of solid municipal waste (SMW).

Rapid Start Center Scale (RSCS) sites: Phased 6 to 9 months to revenue (8 to 10 planned sites).

Rapid on-line redevelopment by recycling buildings vs. new build development.
RSCS sites are small square foot projects in existing buildings with simple industrial construction.
Structures capable of handling heavy load factors.
RSCS are responsive to local community’s needs. Total 10 sites in 5 years.
These RSCS are intended to prove the business model by creating quick profitable startups.
The RSCS model is scalable, flexible startup responding to individual food, energy, site market location.
Smaller RSCS community-based facilities (Greenpoint, Patterson, Whitestone) – can be phased 6 to 9 months.

Rapid Start Center Scale (RSCS) sites:

Phase I is focused on opportunities in and around New York City and other major US cities.
Neighborhood sites zoned for multi-use, brownfields. Properties with a low asset value basis.
Model can be replicated to other high food costs, high energy cost markets with water crises. Florida and California.

Urban Scale Center Sites (USCS): Phased 18 months to 2 years to revenue (5 planned sites).

  Larger USCS projects focused on either underutilized warehouse or industrial sites.
  Purpose built facilities to meet the project’s needs. Total of 5 new facilities in 5 years.
  Site will be minimum of 50,000 to 100,000 Sq. Ft in size
  Large Urban development centers (Bronx, Bush Terminal, Newark, Bridgeport) – Phased 1.5 to 3 years
  Implementation requires intensive planning and phased construction. Site financial requirements are studied per project.
  Economic and industrial development zones, partnerships with NGOs or public initiatives sites.
  Brownfield Sites “=”  “+” Incentives, strong upside potential.

Urban Scale Center Sites (USCS):

  Phase 2 is focused on opportunities in and around New York City, Boston, Bridgeport and Atlanta.
  Neighborhood sites zoned for multi-use, brownfields and or properties with a low asset value basis.